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About Foltène Pharma

The first Foltène Supplement for Thinning Hair was launched in Australia in 1988. Over years Foltène Laboratories continues to improve their formulations, to create a range of products with no equal in preventing hair loss and improving growth. Their latest discoveries have led to a new range of products designed to restore your natural beauty; including a new Eyelash and Brow treatment and a Nail Treatment.

Why use the Foltène Pharma products?

After our mid-twenties, our hair and scalp receive less nourishment. Hair becomes weaker, duller and more easily damaged. It can lose tone and can become quite thin or sparse. Bad diet, stress and even the harsh Australian environment contribute to this.

With women, the effect can be even more dramatic as hair is subjected to biological changes (for example menopause) and heating or chemical damage brought about by perming, dyeing and styling. These cause visible and long-lasting damage to both the hair such as breakage of the hair shaft or split ends, and the scalp.

The Foltène Pharma Supplement and Thinning Hair Shampoo are a complete program to prevent hair loss, improve growth and scalp health. It is recommended for use by both men and women.

How it works:

The Foltène Pharma Supplement for Men and Women combines the complementary activity of Tricosaccaride® with Bio-Vitamin complex and Zanthin®.

Tricosaccaride® encourages the natural growth of the hair, strengthens and normalises its life cycle, leaving it fuller and healthier. It improves the biological function of the scalp effectively, improving conditions such as dandruff and dry scalp.

The Bio-Vitamin Complex provides amino acids, vitamins (A, B5, C, E & P) and other nutritive substances in a balanced mixture to feed the follicle and improve the health of the hair and scalp.

Zanthin® is a powerful anti-oxidant extracted from micro-algae that has a protective action against free radicals.

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